Lula mag always has the prettiest, dreamiest editorials...Isn't this the most feminine take on tailoring and bow ties you've ever seen?

Photography by Sophie Delaporte and styled by Ondine Azoulay.




First the clog, now the wedge...Topshop does it again with these super tough luxe PACE wedges.

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Random Lunchtime Inspiration....

sources:Nana in Wonderland, Killing Moon, Cobrasnake, chicmuse,style.com


My Picks...

If anyone's interested I've picked a few of my favourite things for the Boutique Section of Sheerluxe.com...I'm constantly changing them and adding more of my favourite finds.  Pure self-indulgent fun!  

Above are just a few of my picks and all of theme are available to buy online from clicking on them.
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The Perfect 'Chanel' Clog...

These Topshop Clogs are a perfect doppleganger for the infamous Chanels....


Happy Homes and Horrible Hairdressers

Found all these amazingly inspiring pics on ETC, Le Fashion's sister blog.  I love nice spaces and am secretly, or now not so secretly, addicted to home and interiors magazines and love catching glimpses of amazing rooms whilst sitting on the top deck of the bus....I love the way the unmade beds in these pics just make the pictures look even better (though I have to admit I am definitely a bed-maker-kind of anal) and that Hermes tray and all that's on it, the silver skull being my fave,  is almost too good to be true.  The well worm Chloe boots just at the bottom of the Hermes pic make me think that whoever inhabits that gorgeous abode is definitely a girl after my own heart too....  
So Saturday morning, slightly fuzzy-headed and heading for the hairdressers.  Now normally I like the hairdressers-a sugary cup of tea with those little wrapped, caramelised biccies, catching up on celeb gossip magazines guilt-free, a nice head massage and coming out with cleanest smelling hair ever (only with a slightly dodgy blow dry). Today however was different.  Sulky, grunting hair dresser who washed my hair so aggressively and angrily told me to 'move my head up' before haphazardly chopping into my hair as if she was after an asbo.  Didn't offer me a drink and pulled and scraped at my hair so hard it hurt...no yummy lotus biscuits for me and definitely no tip or return custom for her this morning.  Am now consoling myself with tea, biscuits and Masterchef at home....


What a face

My love for Anna is almost rivalling Abbey love right now...She is insane and make absolutely anything look amazing.  Also, any desperate housewives fans-don't you thinks she looks weirdly similar to Gabby's wannabe model niece Anna in some pics?  


Gingham Shorts

Normally I dread the 50s trend reappearing in the summer a I can't stand A-line prom skirts and puff sleeved gingham shirts, but, whether it's Christopher Kane or just a general change of heart, I am seriously into these shorts.  Margaux from Killing Moon has inspired me even further and has totally swayed me towards the gingham-I love the way her shorts are a bit loose and slightly balloon-shaped.  These APC Madras numbers from Urban Outfitters are just right for dipping my toe in the gingham trend and are winging their way onto my wish list as we speak...

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Girls of the Summer

Gorgeous shoot by Nirrimi Hankinson-love the combo of soft photograpy and brodeire anglaise with tough, Wang-esque denim biker jackets.  Feels like a modern day Virgin Suicides...




Totally fallen for these Mark Fast inspired crochet dresses by Topshop-nude and knitted, I'm thinking perfect over a bikini on a Greek beach.  But then again, maybe I'm biased....

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It's finally the weekend and I'm planning Thai food, cinema trips, long lie-ins, pancakes, red wine in the pub and generally chilling...



Tribal Hardwear

Loving these tribal necklaces for summer time, especially when teamed with that warm, burnt orange colour-I am constantly picking up everything and anything is shops in that colour at the mo.  Styled by the gorgeous Alexandra Spencer of 4th and Bleeker...



I have been a real magazine stalker recently...Spied a pair of H&M leather shorts in about every single magazine out there (why oh why aren't they online yet) and have actually been calling the stores to find out when they're coming in, but have had zero results apart from 'by the end of the month'-I need to know goddamnit! Then I spied another Zara pair in Style mag's Big Fashion Issue and am now going to try and hunt those down too.  Again though, not being online makes this pretty difficult and pretty costly in tube fares just to 'check'...Of course in an ideal world, I would simply get on Net a Porter and buy this Helmut Lang pair...Cracked black leather, loosely tailored and turned up, they are heaven in pair of a shorts.

Softly Softly...

I love the soft-focus dreaminess of this shoot for Marie Claire Italia, shot by David Bellemere.  It was definitely Spring today-the sky was blue and I could finally substitute my fur for a trench so this editorial is really appropriate...It's just so pretty and elegant-a bit 1940s seaside with a modern lounging-on-a-porch-in-the-South feel...